Press Release

New IYOG Video | 07/12/2023
Showing a part of the presentation at the New York 2022 Debriefing Session
A letter from the American IYOG Team with a Video link | 09/03/2023
Find out more about US Art activities
Announcement of UN International Year of Glass 2022 | 18/05/2021
Letter from Alicia Duran announcing Good News of UN support
Submission to the United Nations. | 17/11/2020
The main argument presented to the UN for an IYOG
An economic argument for an IYOG 2022 | 17/11/2020
The document submitted to the UN explaining the international economic importance of glass
IYOG Brochure | 17/11/2020
A shortened version in brochure form of main application UN document (low resolution)
Letters of Endorsement | 23/12/2019
Invite to submit and suggested format
Policy statement | 14/11/2019
Toward a United Nations Declaration The International Year of Glass 2022
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