More than 15 years of Outreach activities in Brazil

In the International Year of Glass, Profa. Dra. Karina Omuro Lupetti presents an overview of more than a decade of Outreach activities in Brazil, bringing together art, music and science to reach out to thousands of students.

CeRTEV Projects - Education and Outreach (Courtesy of Karina Omuro Lupetti) | 12/06/2022

GOMD High School Outreach Event

The goal of this event was to introduce high school students to the art and science of glass, and explain about careers in glass and how to get there from being a high school student. The event was planned by the Glass and Optical Materials Division Executive Committee,  including our talented graduate student representatives, and Howard Cohen from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. The event was held at Corradetti Glassblowing Studio in Baltimore on May 27, right after the GOMD Annual Meeting. Three local public high schools each brought groups of thirty students and two teachers. Each group was in the studio for 1 ½ hours, including a 45-minute artistic and scientific glassblowing demonstration and a 45-minute career panel. The students were very enthusiastic and asked many questions throughout the event.  The event was sponsored by Corning Research and Development Corporation, Owens Corning and GOMD. The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation generously donated classroom kits with science experiments to each school for follow-up. For further information, please contact Irene Peterson at [email protected]

GOMD High School Outreach Event | 12/06/2022

Inspiring Outreach Activities in the Philippines

Summary of outreach activities related to glass and IYOG2022 in The Philippines. A lot of ideas and a great source of inspiration.

Click on the PDF link below to open the slides (courtesy of Rommel Dino).

Inspiring outreach activities in The Philippines

Outreach Committee Chair:  Mathieu Hubert