Status of application to the UN

What has happened to IYOG over the summer

Because of COVID the UN were unable to meet in April and so the application for an IYOG was postponed. The meeting has now been re-arranged to take place in December and 5 separate documents have been submitted by Prof Duran via the Spanish Ambassador along with an exciting 20 minute video on the value of glass to Society. The Spanish Ambassador will lead the presentation and several other ambassadors have prepared short video clips endorsing the proposal. The Chair of the UN has also been primed.

There is another application in place for a UN Year of Glass in Basic Science for Sustainable Development but these two applications are not in competition - both can be awarded. The two groups pursuing the projects have agreed to work together and support each other where possible.

Altogether more that 1100 letters of endorsement have been received from 74 countries and all continents. The full statistics are available on this web site.

There will be a vote to approve these projects at the UN Council meeting which will be a virtual event. The final decision must be unanimous to succeed.


Last Updated: 17/11/2020
Author: John Parker

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